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صدای تهران




Photo Laudan Nooshin

Sonic Tehran ran from 2021-2023. The project was an interdisciplinary  exploration of Tehran as a sounded space and was funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

The project asked how sound shapes, and is shaped by, the urban environment. It asked what an in-depth attention to sound might reveal about the city, its shared spaces and conflicted history. How has the city been experienced, remembered and imagined sonically? In what ways are dimensions of difference such as gender, class and religion inflected in the city sounds and how are competing claims over the control of urban space negotiated sonically? And how is sound implicated in the construction of place and community, particularly in the context of rapid urban change and regeneration?


Tehran offers a significant case study as one of the largest cities in the region and one that has experienced rapid change and social upheaval in its recent history.

Through personal memories, oral history interviews, sonic diaries, blog posts, sound walks and sound mapping, the project documented and explore Tehran's rich sonic heritage.

This webspace is a platform for sharing sounds, images and ideas. Project outcomes will include a book on the sounds of Tehran, a documentary film on Tehran as a sounded space and an exhibition on Sonic Tehran.

Find out more here.

Sonic Tehran Network 

The Sonic Tehran Network continues to meet (online) once a month to discuss writings on urban sound and creative work that engages with the historical and contemporary sounds of Tehran. The group includes sound enthusiasts, musicians, sound artists and others interested in sonic Tehran. You can sign up to the network here.

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Women doing yoga at Tehran Heights. Photo by Javid Nikpour

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