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Getting Involved

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in contributing to the Sonic Tehran project in one or any of the following ways:


  • share your sonic experiences and memories of Tehran (in Persian or English)

  • contribute a guest blog post (in Persian or English)

  • send us a sonic postcard: a 3 minute sound recording of somewhere in Tehran, with your own commentary (in Persian or English) about the significance of the place and its sounds to you

  • keep a regular diary of your sonic experiences of the city

  • drawing a sound map of your locale or part of the city that you are familiar with, using the map to chart the sounds of the city


Recordings can be made on a regular mobile device. All contributions will be acknowledged (or kept anonymous if preferred).


The Sonic Tehran Network meets (online) once a month to discuss writings on urban sound and creative work that engages with the historical and contemporary sounds of Tehran. The group includes sound enthusiasts, musicians, sound artists and others interested in sonic Tehran. You can sign up to the network here.

Sonic Tehran is curated by Professor Laudan Nooshin, City, University of London, UK. Contact: or via the form below

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