Sonic Tehran Network

We welcome anyone interested in urban sound to join the Sonic Tehran Network.


We meet (online) once a month to discuss writings on urban sound and creative work that engages with the historical and contemporary sounds of Tehran. If you'd like to join the network,  do contact us.


The network includes sound enthusiasts, musicians, sound artists and others interested in the sounds of Tehran.

Meeting Schedule


Meetings take place on the first Monday of every (Gregorian calendar) month at 7.30-10pm Iran time; 4-6.30pm UK time; 8am-10.30am West Coast North America. On Zoom.

Forthcoming Meetings 

Monday August 2nd 2021

4pm - Speaker: Solmaz Shakerifard:

'Interdisciplinary approach to sound studies in the 21st century: Ziad Fahmy, Ana Maria Ochoa-Gautier, Negar Mottahedeh, and Denise Gill'

N.B. This talk will partly follow on from discussion of Kelman at the July meeting, so please ensure you have read this.

5pm-5.10pm - Short break

5.10pm - Speaker: Leonie Roessler

5.45pm - Speaker: Pantea and Parsa

Please listen to the below in preparation for the meeting



The link below will take you to a page where you can listen to (stream without having to download or pay) three recordings related to the project Leonie will be talking about:


Please watch the animation below made by Pantea and her friend Kate Foster, using headphones for the the audio if possible (I'm providing both the YouTube link and the Vimeo link here)


Please also read  this essay, Pantea has written about a plant called Sundew from its own point of view and it's related to a part of her presentation about the more-than-human.


Pantea has also asked the following:

"Not necessary but if the group could think about a piece of sound/soundscape that they hear/listen to on an everyday basis (in the past or present), and can bring a recording of it, that would be wonderful. This will accompany an invitation I am going to propose."



Monday September 6th 2021

4-5pm Reading Discussion  (please read the articles below in advance) 

Ja‘fari-Harandi, Minâ. 2016. 'Yek Gune-ye Tāzeh Motevalled Shode-ye Musiqi-ye Khiâbâni dar Tehrân' ('A Newborn Street Music in Tehran"'), Mahoor Music Quarterly, 70: 89-116.

Rennie, Tullis. 2015. 'Power Struggles: The Politics of Composing with Sounds of Protest', Leonardo Music Journal, 25:17-20.


  • 4pm - Discussion in breakout groups

  • 4.50pm - Groups feedback to whole meeting


5.05-5.15pm - Short break

5.10pm - Speakers: Tullis Rennie

5.45pm - Speakers: Mina Harandi and Mitra Harandi 



Monday May 10th 2021

Introductory meeting and introduction to the network


Monday June 7th 2021

PART 1: Readings for discussion

1. 'Resounding the Campus: Pedagogy, Race, and the Environment’, Amanda M. Black and Andrea F. Bohlman (2017)

2. ‘Soundmapping: Critiques and reflections on this new publicly engaging medium’ by Jacqueline Waldock (2018)


Part 2: Speakers

Payam Pilvar

Talieh Attarzadeh


Monday July 5th 2021



4-5pm Reading Discussion  (please read the article below in advance) 


Ari Y. Kelman. 2010. “Rethinking the Soundscape.” The Senses and Society 5 (2): 212–34  


  • 4pm - Discussion of Kelman in breakout groups

  • 4.50pm - Groups feedback to whole meeting


5.05-5.15pm - Short break


5.15pm - Speaker: Mahsa Pakravan: 'Soundscape, Sonic Experience, and Sonic memory in Iran: Jewish and Muslim Cultural Identity in Udlajan, Tehran' (please read the article below in advance) 

 Mahsa Pakravan. 2017. ‘Soundscape and Sonic Memory: Dynamics of Jewish and

Muslim Day-to-day Social Interactions in Udlajan, Tehran’, Sound Studies 3(2): 134-51.


5.45pm - Speaker: Kamyar Salavati:  'Songs of Brick and Clay: Worksongs of Qajar Architects'